QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions - Nonprofit

QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit

QuickBooks Enterprise Nonprofit has the same core features included with the standard edition of Enterprise, plus specialized workflows, reports, chart of accounts and expert tips to better serve nonprofit organizations. It is perfect for charities & foundations, religious groups, human services, arts, academia & education, and any other tax exempt entity.

Create year-end donation statements to track contributions from your biggest donors. Identify your expenses to present to your board and create Form 990 for the IRS.


Special features for nonprofit organizations

In addition to adding language like donors and pledge forms to QuickBooks’ standard customers and invoices, Enterprise Solutions has these special attributes for nonprofits:

  • Nonprofit Chart of Accounts

  • Industry-Specific Report Bundles

  • Microsoft® Integration

  • Customization Options


Key reports

Keep your Board and the IRS up to date effortlessly. The information you need to manage donors, fundraising campaigns, and employees is at your fingertips.

  • Budget by Programs

  • Statement of Financial Income & Expense

  • Statement of Functional Expenses-990

  • Donors & Grants

  • Donor Contribution Summary

  • Budget vs. Actual Donors and Grants

  • Biggest Donors

  • Statement of Financial Position


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