QuickBooks Enterprise Solutions - Contractor Edition

QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor Edition

QuickBooks Enterprise Contractor has the same core features included with the standard edition of Enterprise, plus specialized workflows, reports, chart of accounts and expert tips to better serve contractors - from electricians, plumbers and painters to construction and remodeling.

Organize job costs by vendor and see who still need to be paid. Create job estimates and track change orders. Analyze profitability from a task level with customized job cost reports.


Special features for the construction industry

When you're juggling bids, estimates, change orders, vendors, subs, employees, and a whole lot more, it's good to have these special Enterprise Solutions features in your toolbox:

  • The Job Costing Center

  • Customized Chart of Accounts

  • Industry-Specific Report Bundles

  • Improved E-Invoicing

  • Disallow Negative Inventory Quantities

  • Total Any Column on Sales and Purchases

  • Advanced Job Costing Tools

  • Change Order Functionality

  • Flexible Billing Rates

  • Estimates

  • Scheduling

  • Work Orders


Key reports

Track your job costs automatically as you pay bills, employees, and subcontractors. Enterprise Solutions lets you see how you're doing at every phase of the job. Special Contractor reports include:

  • Job Status

  • Job Costs by Job

  • Cost-to-Complete

  • Unpaid Bills by Job

  • Expenses Not Assigned to Jobs

  • Billed/Unbilled Hours by Person & Job

  • Open Purchase Orders by Vendor


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