Security Alert: Intuit Account Email Scam Reaching QuickBooks Users

QuickBooks users are reporting receiving fake emails like the one pictured below, appearing to be from Intuit. Be on the lookout for these phishing emails that contain a malicious URL link. Do not respond, download or click on any link(s) contained within these emails.

Example of scam email posing as Intuit


To protect your privacy and security, Intuit offers the following suggestions on how to recognize a fake email and how to validate if an email you received did in fact come from Intuit.

Recognizing a fake email

Here are some questions to ask if you think you have received a phishing email.

  1. Do you know the sender of the email?  If yes, continue to be cautious before clicking a link. If no, do not click any links.
  2. Have you checked the link? Mouse over the link and check the URL. Does it look legitimate or does it look like it will take you to a different website?
  3. Does the email contain grammatical errors? If so, be suspicious.
  4. Are there any attachments in the email? If so, do not click on the attachment before contacting the sender to verify its contents.
  5. Does the email request personal information?  If so, do not reply.
  6. If you have a relationship with the company, are they addressing you by name?

How to validate the email you received came from Intuit and what to do if you think you have received a phishing email:

  1. Do not click any of the links or reply to the suspicious, malicious email.
  2. Sign in to your Intuit account.
  3. Access your account's security settings.
  4. Find "Account Activity" and select View.  A history of events involving your account will display.
  5. If you find an event marked with an email icon that matches the content, date, and time of the email you are verifying, you'll know the email is from Intuit.  you may also see a ref code that can be matched to the email.
  6. If you don't find a match, forward the email immediately to We will look into each reported instance.

You can also go to Security Alerts where all known phishing emails targeting the Intuit brand are posted. If you find a similar email, please delete the email you received as well as remove it from your trash.  There are no further steps necessary; however, if you do not find a similar email, please forward the email to for further investigation.