Recent QuickBooks R7 Update Creating A Buzz in QuickBooks Community

QuickBooks R7 Release security update requiring password

Intuit recently released the QuickBooks 2016 R7 update for the US version of QuickBooks Desktop. There were several items included in this update, but the one that has attracted the most attention is the requirement for users to have a password even when no credit card information is contained in the QuickBooks file.

This password requirement creates an additional step for a lot of users which, in turn, has stirred up quite a bit of chatter in the QuickBooks community.

In a nutshell, the buzz surrounding the new release stems from this...

Before the R7 release, only users who had the Credit Card Protection feature on needed a complex password that had to be changed every 90 days. With the new QuickBooks security update, all QuickBooks users who have the Credit Card Protection feature on, OR whose QuickBooks desktop file contains Personally Identifiable Information (PII) --such as Social Security Numbers, other employer or employee identification numbers, employer bank details and vendor Tax ID-- are required to have a complex password.

This is resulting in many users, ones that have never had a password before, having to create a password to access their QuickBooks file.

It is important to note, the requirement to change your password every 90 days is only required if you have enabled the Credit Card Protection feature within your QuickBooks file. If your QuickBooks file has Personally Identifiable Information in it, but you have not enabled the Credit Card Protection feature, you will be required to have a complex password for all users, but you will not need to change the password every 90 days in QuickBooks 2016.

If you are interested in a more detailed look into the new update, why some people are upset, and possibly clearing up some of the confusion surrounding it, we recommend taking a look at this article on the Accountex Report blog. You can also read Intuit’s official explanation of the new update here.

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